Making teachings accessible and delivering reliable information about meditation is our main objective. The centre creates an ideal space for working with our minds, to which we dedicate ourselves during meditations on the 16th Karmapa, which take place a few times per week, as well as while doing the individual practices.

Human being and his development are the central parts of the teachings Buddha gave 2,500 years ago. This is also a valid principle in case of our sangha. We are a group of friends meditating and working together. We organise public lectures and meditation courses. Moreover, we travel a few times per year to get the teachings from the highest teachers of our lineage. In everyday life we try to spend as much time as possible practicing, exchanging experiences and having fun together. Our sangha comprise at the moment about 50 regularly practicing members and dozens of supporters.

When you come to our centre for common meditation you will always encounter people ready to give some basic explanation for the practise. Furthermore, once a week, every Tuesday at 7 pm, we organise introductory lectures for the beginners interested in Buddhism. We are willing to answer all your questions concerning meditation practice and basis of Diamond Way Buddhism.

Everyone can take part in Buddhist meditation. It takes about half an hour and doesn’t require any preparation, knowledge of complicated scriptures or wearing special clothes. Meditation is free of charge and is guided in Polish language.