Buddhism has 2,500 years. It is a path of development including the elements of religion, philosophy and psychology. There is a difference between Buddhism, Christianity and other religions which assume the existence of personal God and are based on faith and dogmas. The aim of Buddhist practice is to reach the full development and freedom of mind – the Enlightenment. Everyone can reach it and that is why Buddhism is called the religion of experience.

According to Buddha’s teachings, all suffering is the effect of the mistakes we have done in the past due to ignorance. Understanding the way in which all phenomena are interdependent gives us an opportunity to take actions which bring happiness and avoid those, which lead to suffering.

There have always been multiple Buddhist traditions, schools and styles of practice. Despite the stereotype of Buddhist monk dressed in colorful robes, which prevails in the West, the majority of European Buddhists are lay people, leading ordinary family and professional lives. The essence of Diamond Way is to discover the great potential present in every person and in every situation.

Don’t believe in any transmission only because it has been priest in many countries for many years. Don’t believe in something only because many people have been repeating it for a long time. Don’t accept anything only because some sage or priest supports it with its authority or because it was written in some scripture. Don’t believe anything only because it sounds probable. Don’t believe in visions or concepts which you believe to be revealed by god. Have trust in what you assumed to be true after long time of checking and in that which brings benefit to you and others.